August 25, 2014
Happy first day of school to many, many of you wonderful people! Hope it looks like a good year for you and that you're taking classes that you enjoy and will be successful at. I miss school sometimes, but I'll enjoy the absence of school while I can!

I got a little behind in sharing some of our adventures, so while I'm in California making new adventures, I'll share about the old! First off: Pineview.

We got together with two of our most favorite families and took a day trip up to the lake! I didn't get to swim because I had just had Alexa and I wasn't cleared for water yet, but the kids had a blast! It was fun to see how excited they all were, especially little miss Maddy! She was squealing in delight as she ran down to the water and back.


It really was a perfect day, but next time we go, I better get to swim!

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