August 2014 - Chelsea

August 19, 2014

The times that I get to spend with Chelsea, just the two of us, have become few and far between, but she never fails to assert her personality!

  • loves to be a part of conversations, even if she doesn't really have anything in mind that she wants to say right at that moment - if that is the case, she will mumble for a couple of seconds, then end with "Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuz"
  • is getting to be more and more gentle with Alexa
  • loves Alexa SO much
  • loves taking pictures, especially with Alexa
  • sings to herself before falling asleep at night
  • prefers peanut butter and honey sandwiches to peanut butter and jelly
  • is both fascinated and terrified of spiders
  • learns new words and phrases after only hearing them once
  • learning how to play pretend
  • loves fireworks
  • runs really fast and loves it
  • likes to help Mommy sew
  • likes it when Mommy grabs her in a bear hug and sings "Stuck on you! Stuck like glue!"
  • likes to spit (we're working on that)
  • loves ketchup
  • likes to play ring-around-the-rosies
  • can;t quite pronounce Alexa's name, but "Aleska" will do
  • likes to watch "Sofia the First," "Doc McStuffins," and "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"
  • will choose to watch the bee-doe movie ("Despicable Me") 9 times out of 10
  • likes to mimic the noises Alexa makes
  • likes to help Mommy
  • loves to color with markers and is very good about only coloring on paper

Photo Aug 11, 10 49 07 AM 
Photo Aug 11, 10 59 51 AM 
Photo Aug 11, 11 02 26 AM

It's amazing how quickly these little children learn and grow. As time goes by (far too quickly), I learn more and more about this little girl who has grown from the little baby that I held in my arms for hours at a time to the imaginative, independent, happy pre-schooler that she is. You're my daughter forever, kid, and I'm stuck on you! Stuck like glue!

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