Alexa - One Month Specs

August 22, 2014
Alexa truly is a ray of sunshine in our family. She is such a good, happy baby. She has slept well from day one of birth (seriously, she hasn't awakened more than twice in the middle of the night. ever) and she is so happy! Only 48 hours after her birth she was giving us smiles, and now, she pleases us with "smile shows" every morning! It's the best way to start the day!

Her cries are mostly quiet and she has started saying "Aaaaahh," which is different than her other sounds because her throat is open and clear when she says it. Chelsea likes to copy her and the cute sounds she makes.

Alexa has no problem with tummy time whatsoever. Last week when I was being oh-so-productive trying to get ready for our trip to California, I'd put her on her tummy while I sewed and she would lie there, so content. Can't say the same for Chelsea. She opted for watching Frozen and playing with toys instead (she behaved incredibly well during all of my sewing, too).

We don't quite know what color her eyes are yet. They look dark, just like Chelsea's did, but oftentimes, they look blue, although I seem to remember Chelsea's eyes doing the same thing.

Chelsea and Alexa eyes
^^ Chelsea at one month / Alexa at one month ^^

So we'll see if her eyes decide to stay blue, or if they'll change to brown, just like Chelsea's (or maybe they'll turn out green like mine!)

She isn't much of a spit-up-er, nor does it seem like she has had NEARLY as many blow-outs as Chelsea had (Chelsea had a blow-out the MOMENT we stepped into the house from the hospital for the first time). Alexa did decide to delight us with a blow-out in the car on the way to California, though, and that made for a good time! Luckily, it wasn't too bad.

Alexa did have a little jaundice, but not enough to worry about, the doctor said. We're just trying to get her some nice sun exposure and some good feedings. Nursing the second time around is a whole lot easier, too. I remember it being almost unbearable with Chelsea, but I guess I've probably toughened up since Chelsea and learned how to take care of myself better.

IMG_5909 edit01 png 
IMG_5913 edit02 png 
We simply couldn't love Alexa any more than we already do. She brings us so much happiness and joy. We love having her in our family and are so grateful she is here!

More pictures of Miss Alexa in this adorable pineapple ensemble to come!

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