October 21, 2013
Today, I'm excited to introduce you to my fellow blogger and friend, Michelle. I met Michelle a few months ago in a blog hop where she posted a tutorial for some super cute suspenders. I don't have a boy yet, but I've definitely got it pinned.

Hi!  It's so nice to have the opportunity meet all of your lovely faces today.
My name is Michelle and this is me.  I blog at Let It Shine.  It's pretty much about shenanigans.

The first thing you should know is my faith drives everything I do.  I'm sure that for some of you I might be eliciting an eye roll and some a high five, but it's simply the truth.  I might not talk about it all the time, but make no mistake, it's always there.  Behind the scenes I am always thanking Jesus for this beautiful life of mine.  I am happily married and we have two kids.  I like to sew, take pictures of my adorable, mouthy rugrats, and laugh.  I love to laugh.  Good thing I have an awkward sense of humor and a husband and kids who have no shortage of mishaps, giggles, and general silliness.

So, Sue asked me some questions and I'd love to answer them for you so we can get to know each other a little better.

Q:How did you meet your husband and how long have you been married?
A: Eric and I met at my church.  He had become friends with some of his neighbors who were members of the church my family attended.  He asked if he could go with them one night, they said yes, and that was the night we met.  The friends that brought him were good friends of mine and they wanted to play match maker.  Good thing it worked out so well!  We have been married for 5 years now :)

Q: How many children do you have?
A: We have two children and that's all we plan to have unless God sees differently, lol!  Sophia is 4 and Cooper is 2.

Q: So what is your blog all about?
A: That's an easy one, it's about our life!  Sometimes it's about tutorials (like this one for pencil skirts, or this one for boys suspenders), sometimes it's about my kids (like Letters from Cooper or Sophia's Princess birthday pictures), and sometimes it's food (like these waffles or this "collection" of recipes).  Sometimes it's just about whatever I decide I want it to be that day.  To thine own self be true, that's basically my entire personal philosophy on my blog.  

One of my daughter's birthday pictures, all the dresses from her shoot were handmade!

Q: One of your goals before you turn 27 is to complete one Pinterest project per month. Which project has been your favorite?
A: This is also an easy one.  I have actually tried a few projects there were total and complete fails.  I'm going to blog about one of them eventually and you can read about a failed pizza crust attempt here.  It was so, so gross.  None of us finished our dinner that night, lol!  My favorite though, was definitely the Oreo Bam Bam Cake.  Eric decided to name it this, I think because he just thought it was funny.  It was kind of a combo of some stuff we saw on Pinterest all jammed into one cake and oh my, was it tasty!  I highly recommend trying it!

Q: When the kids are asleep and you've got some time to kill, what is your number one go-to pass time?
A: Netflix, haha!  But seriously, I just like to sit in the quiet and soak in the quiet and maybe eat some string cheese in the quiet.  I love my kids but those little darlings can get loud!  I either watch TV, read, or sew.  I do love to get in some uninterrupted sewing time.

Q; Potatoes... Skin, or no skin?
A; You know, I'm actually not that big on potatoes!  So pass them right on to my hubby because he can eat enough for the two of us :)

Q: What else should we know about you?
A: I am a novice with the camera, but I love learning more about how to make my pictures awesome.  I love cake pops, mini cupcakes, and just about any dessert that can be miniaturized.  I think asking "What is your biggest weakness" on a job interview is just about the dumbest question ever.  I feel politics are very important, but loathe discussing them with other people...or even thinking about it too much.  And finally, Once Upon A Time is my favorite show currently on TV.  I think that almost covers all the random facts about yours truly!  :)

I want to say a huge thank you to Sue for letting me guest post today!  If any of you would like to come visit me, you can find me right here. or you could even follow right along on Bloglovin'.  See you around  :)

Thanks for sharing, Michelle! That Oreo Bam Bam Cake looks simply divine. Make sure you stop by, meet her family, and get your pinning on! Good way to start the week, don't you think?

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