October 27, 2013
Hello darlings! Halloween is just a couple of days away! Woot woot! I hope you're as excited as I am! Even if you're not a dress up and get free candy type of person (psh!), it's still a great excuse to meet up with friends and take a look at some pretty creative "stumes" (Brooklyn 99. Love it.)

But I'm not writing about stumes and candy today. No, I'll save that for another post in the next couple of days. Today, I want to spotlight a new friend I've made in the blogging and Etsy shop world named Katie. I found her via the handmade fair I was a part of a few weeks ago (another one coming up, with sweet deals and perfectly perfect items for sale! stay tuned for details). We started e-mailing back and forth and following each other's blogs and I truly, TRULY hope I get to meet her and her adorable family someday.

So I asked Katie a few questions so that we could get to know her a bit better and she has one of the best "husband-first-meetings" I've ever heard! You're going to love it!

My name is Katie and I am the creator of A Lil Bit Fancy. A one of a kind hand made accessories line. I also have a fashion/ lifestyle blog with lots of fun posts about me and my line. Basically the "ALBF" blog is a way for me to document my journey as my business grows and for me and my customers to connect on a more personal level. 

Me and my hubs have been married for 3 years BUT together for 12 years!! We are high school sweethearts and have been together since we were 14!! How we met is kind of silly! :) I believe we were 10. I was a cheerleader and he was a football player for our pop-warner team...AND I caught him looking up my skirt from the bench where I was cheering in the stands above! LOL I told you it was silly. I yelled at him and he laughed and I swear to you from then on I would always tell my friends I was going to marry that boy...And I did :) True story! ;) 

We have 2 little ladies, Olivia(2) and Willow(1) They are such sweet and special little loves. We just adore them.

I'm not quite sure how the name of my shop came about. I thought that A Lil Bit Fancy was a way of stating that you can be fancy with out the "Fancy" price tags, I guess. And it stuck :) 

I started my Etsy shop while on maternity leave with Willow. I was bored and wanted to get back into designing. (I am an ex-bikini designer) It just so happened that I had a random yard of leather and 3" of rhinestones and an idea. The funny thing is that when I opened my shop I said to myself and husband that this is just a hobby. There was no way I was going to let another design attempt take over our life like my bikini line did. I tried...But I believe fate had other plans. The day Willow came home my little hobby had exploded! I was getting orders on top of orders all while trying to nurse a new born and entertain a 3 y/o. That was a tough and exciting time to say the least. Ever since then business is steady and growing by the day. I've sold to countries all over the world, blog features, stores, celebrities and magazines. I don't really know how it happened, it just did! Oddly, I've always seemed to be able to map out my life and I've always believed I would be a designer I just never thought it would be accessories or that in only 2 short years I would have such a wonderful following of customers and supporters. It is such a blessing for me to be able to do what I love and also be home with our two girls. I couldn't ask for anything more!

Well said. So glad to have a creative outlet that earns some money and allows me to stay at home with my family at the same time.
In addition to Katie agreeing to visit on the blog today, we also made an Etsy shop swap and I got to have a couple of her fabulous bracelets. I've had them for about a week now, and I am SO in love. My wardrobe was in DESPERATE need of some fancy! I'll let the photos speak for themselves.
See? So here's what I love about these bracelets:
1) They match almost any outfit
2) They're unique
3) They're exquisitely designed
4) They're handmade
5) They're quality
6) There are about a million styles and colors to choose from
7) Relatively easy to clip on and take off
8) Katie is an absolute gem to work with (no pun intended)
9) Reasonably priced

1) That they don't somehow reproduce. Seriously. I want more.

I really am entirely and completely in love with these bracelets. I've never really been an accessories kind of gal because I could never find anything I absolutely loved, until now.

If you haven't skipped all the words and hopped over to Katie's blog and shop yet, here are her links. Make sure you stop by and say hi to Katie and her family. I'm sure she can't wait to meet you!

facebook: A lil bit fancy accessories 
IG: alilbitfancy

A lil bit Fancy

And just a few more photos for your viewing pleasure.  I found this sweater at Target on sale and fell in love with it, and the price, immediately. The beanie and scarf are homemade, the pants and white shirt are from H&M, and the boots I got from Top Moda on Amazon.


 photo signature_zps1d365f9a.jpg

*All opinions and views expressed in this post are entirely my own and based off of my personal experience with the products viewed in the above photos.


  1. you are so pretty! I am so excited I stumbled across your blog!
    totally following and I can't wait to see more
    xo Jessica
    follow back if ya like

  2. You are just gorgeous! Wonderful post! Thank you so much for such a great and detailed review!! Loves!!!


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