September 19, 2013
Not including elementary or junior high school, I have had a grand total of 7 boyfriends in my life (my husband included). To some, that may seem like a lot, and to others, hardly even scratching the surface. Whatever your situation, I think we can all agree that we learned from our experiences. Some of the guys I dated were really wonderful and treated me extremely well, to whom I am so grateful for some of the best memories. Others, were... Well, you wouldn't even guess that I had dated them, but as bad or as good as they were, and as much as I learned from each relationship, I've come to the conclusion that my college roommates taught me more about what I want in a man than those experiences. (Remind me to tell you about some of those boyfriends sometime)
Now, this is not a bash on past roommates. I had the BEST luck in roommates, especially compared to other's experiences. This is a list of some of the things I learned from their good examples.

Find a man who cleans up after messes, even if they're not his, particularly when water starts gushing out of the kitchen sink pipes.
Find a man who enjoys going out and being active.
Find a man who will take a turn making dinner.
Find a man who will occasionally go grocery shopping for you.
Find a man who will stay up late to talk to you every now and then, even if he has to get up early in the morning.
Find a man who communicates with you when something has been bothering him.
Find a man who will occasionally watch a stupid movie with you and create a play afterwards re enacting the movie (the re enacting part is optional).
Find a man who will stay up until two so he can create a rap song with you about tectonic plates to help you study for your geology final.
Find a man who will join you in a family prayer, even if he doesn't really feel like it that night.
Find a man who will always forgive you.
Find a man who always attends church and fulfills his callings.
Find a man who enjoys attending the temple.
Find a man who will quote movies with you, especially Hot Rod. If he hasn't seen Hot Rod, educate him.
Find a man that makes you feel like you're always cool, no matter what you do.
Find a man who is honest with you.
Find a man who appreciates your talents and supports you.
Find a man with goals and a plan on how to get there.
Find a man that works hard to do well in whatever he does.
Find a man that will do his part in taking care of the house and making it a nice place to be.
Find a man who is willing to take a little time out of his day to do something that's not important to him, but is to you.
Find a man who is kind, funny, and most of all, loves you more than anything else.

I am so happy that I can say that I found this man. Sure, he's not always perfect at everything, but neither am I, and that's what makes us interesting, and life an adventure! Thanks to all of my roommates who taught me a thing or two about being a good roommate and friend. I miss you all and feel so blessed to know you. What are some things that your roommates taught you?


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