September 22, 2013
First day of Autumn almost complete! Are you excited? Even the weather jumped on board to celebrate here in Utah. It got a little chilly this weekend, and pretty windy. It made trimming all of my rose bushes kind of nice and reminded me of good 'ol flat Idaho where I grew up. Call me crazy, but I LOVE the wind.
The mornings are turning crisp and even the smell is changing. Isn't fall just lovely?
To be perfectly honest, I've never really been a fan of fall before. I've always been a warm-weather, summer-loving, natural tanned babe, but ever since I realized that all the outfits that I LOVE include layers and boots (well, most of the outfits I love), fall has definitely been something I've been anxiously awaiting! My favorite trends this year can be summed up in one photo:
Beanie: Hand-made // Aviators: Forever 21 similar //
Necklace: Forever 21 // Jacket: Thrifted // 
Shirt: Target // Leather Leggings: H&M //
Boots: Thrifted

I've got a few more favorite fall trends, but what are your favorites? Leave a comment and let's see what's the hottest item on everyone's lists this fall!

And, yes. That is my daughter running in the street with nothing but her diaper. Mama's gotta let her kid be a kid when no one's around and no cars are coming sometimes, right?


  1. Your outfit is so awesome it ALMOST makes me excited for fall.... almost... my heart is still all for summertime ;)

  2. you are so cute! I busted out my cable sweater, grey suede boots, and knit & lace knee-socks this morning for the first time this Fall and BOY did it feel good :) I also LOVE knit hats, especially when they have buttons down the side. Fall is the only time of year I pretend to be somewhat fashionable..haha

    1. Pretend? I know you, Miss Dennett. That outfit sounds SUPER cute, too!

  3. WHOA those leather leggings are amazing.

    1. And you wouldn't expect it, but they're super warm!


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