September 8, 2013
When my brother, Steven died, I was only nine years old, but I remember missing a couple of days at school, and not understanding why school was in session at all. Why wasn't everyone at home with their families mourning my brother's loss? How could the world continue rushing by when one of its brightest lights had gone out?
Today, I learned that a friend of ours lost their little girl due to a tragic accident, and I cannot stand idly by and allow their loss to go unnoticed. I will not rush by with the world without stopping to mourn with them over their tragic loss.
My brother died when he was 18 years old, driving home to Idaho from Utah when he fell asleep at the wheel and ran off the road. Even though I was only nine years old at the time, I understood what a great loss he was. I had never seen my mother or father cry before.
When someone we love leaves us, a great void is left in their place. When that loved one is a child, it is particularly difficult. My purpose in writing today isn't to say I understand what our friends and their family are going through because I don't. My purpose in writing today is to simply say that our family cares about yours. We are heart-broken by the loss of your beautiful child. We are saddened that we are not close enough to offer our arms for embrace, our shoulders for pillows, our ears for listening, and our mouths for silence. All we have to offer is our love, prayers, and testimony.
My family and I believe that because of promises that my husband and I made to one-another in the temple, and that you made to each other when you were married and sealed in the temple, we will have each other for forever. I know that because you two made those promises to The Lord and each other, that you will have your daughter again. This separation is not an eternal one. The Lord loves and cares about you because you are His children, just as He cares about each of us. He has promised the Holy Ghost to be your companion and to comfort you. Rely on that spirit and remember that although the world may be speeding past with hardly a second glance, there are so many who care about you and who are not with the world. Our prayers are with you, and our love is extended to you. We love you very, very much, and will never forget the sweetness of your daughter, how she always gave her toys willingly to the other children in nursery without fighting, how well she could communicate with us even when she was just starting to learn how to talk, how she loved singing "The Wheels on the Bus," and how she beamed when she smiled. Thank you for sharing her with me during the time we lived near you. She was an example to me even back then. We will miss her very much. Our prayers are with you. The world may rush by, but we stand still with you.


  1. That was absolutely beautiful and my thoughts exactly! You are a great friend! We love you Tucker family!!

  2. Wonderfully spoken! I'm so glad we are able to have an eternal perspective, even the rough times! We love you too!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, you two! It breaks my heart that our friends are going through such a terrible loss, but when I read what wonderful friends like you say, just in response to what I've written, I feel some comfort and peace. I hope that our friends have this same feeling one-hundred fold!

  3. You are incredible with words.
    My thoughts and prayers are with that family.


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