I haven't been busy... KNOT!

February 5, 2013
You see what I did there? I wrote knot instead of not. Clever, I know. But seriously, I've been doing a lot since I last posted. Crazy that it's only been a couple of days.
Chelsea has been developing so much lately! She took her very first step a couple of days ago and can stand for even longer periods of time on her own! I can't even describe to you how excited I was when she took her first step! I even got her to do it a second and a third time! I'll admit, she fell down right after those first steps, but then the next day, she took a step and didn't fall! I was so happy! It really is crazy how quickly she's grown!
Chelsea and Daddy playing
*No babies were harmed in the making of this video.

Have you ever had those days when I know you've been productive, but you can't exactly explain what you've done all day? That's kind of how I feel when I knit. It must be because it's such a relaxing past-time and you can watch TV or movies while you do it, so it's almost like you don't feel productive. I have been keeping up on my half-marathon training schedule and making dinner for my family every night (except the nights we go to Costco and get hot dogs). Tonight I even got to escape the house for a bit with one of my best girlfriends, Corey. I really lucked out with Corey. She's the kind of friend that you can talk to about anything and she won't judge you, but still makes you want to be a better person and is such a wonderful example. Not even kidding, all of the intricate details about raising a child (like what helps them with teething, signs that will help them communicate with you, etc.), I got from Corey. Plus, she is a total "Let's do it!" kind of person.
For instance, today we went to the pool with our little ones and then went to a kickboxing class while the little ones slept at home with the hubs!
 It may not look it, but he is just about the smiley-est baby I have ever met!
 Cutest. Boy. Ever.
 She has her mommy's smile... Minus the teeth.

Chelsea loves watching other kids.

Plus, Corey and I are planning another dessert cooking social together again tomorrow! It's gonna be DE-LI-SEE-US!
So here's the deal with the whole knitting thing...
I made one of those bow scarfs last week and ended up selling it! My very first sale! I got caught up in the craze and decided to try an infinity bow scarf and that's almost finished. I also made a Bow Beanie which turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself! And now I'm working on something special! I'll post pictures when it's all finished. Why should you be excited? Because I will be doing a giveaway with some of these items and a few more in a week or so! Tell you friends, even if you don't want to because you want a better chance of winning. Keep checking back and the giveaway will be up and running in no time!

Bows, bows, everywhere,
But knots are hard to tie.
Bows, bows, everywhere
I'd love some apple pie!

What do you think? Cute?

BT-Dub, Mariasha over at Tiffany Imposter is doing a giveaway. I SO want to win! You should go check it out. Her button is on my sidebar.

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  1. You are SO sweet! Love you and love handing out with our darling babies :)


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