Changing Mat

February 25, 2013
Back when I first started my pinning on Pinterest, I came across a beautiful specimen. It was this changing mat.


So, I did what Pinterest is good for. I pinned it to my sewing board and never looked at it again.
And then my mother-in-law came for a visit. She lives in California and doesn't get to see little Chelsea very often so when she comes, it's a very special thing! This visit, Grammy brought a couple of gifts! She brought a book for Chelsea (Drew's favorite when he was a little boy), and some super cute, high-quality, cotton, chevron fabric! I loved it and had to think of something really special to make with it. That's when I remembered my pin from the past and I was grateful to find that it even came with a very informative tutorial with video instructions and written instructions. Maybe that's what I should start doing, too.
So here it is! I give this project an 11 out of 10! It has been so useful already and my cluttered bag was de-cluttered instantly! Plus, it wasn't too expensive (about $20.00 to make not including the fabric Mom-in-law bought me) and not too difficult, either. The only thing I would change about this tutorial is adding in a couple of steps to baste the layers together before stitching all four layers (or however many) because the layers slid around a little as I sewed and  I had to do some picking. Besides that, I love it.

The changing mat itself is Chevron and the pockets are a floral print with eyelet lace. Coincidence? No. Cute? Yes. Love it, I do.

If you're not the sewing crafty type but would love to have this baby, they're also available in my Etsy shop, ChevronandLace.



  1. I just HAD to comment and let you know how cute that changing mat is! Wow! Such creativity! The one that I always have in my diaper bag has soft minky on the "baby changing" side which I love, but I now realize that if she ever poops on it it will be incredibly hard to clean in the moment of changing her...haha. So a plastic-like side is very smart :)I also love that you added the pockets for holding wipes and diapers. so cool.

  2. I love it; that fabric is so cute! Out of curiosity how much would you sell them for?

    1. Thank you! I think $30 plus $5 for shipping would be fair. Shoot me an e-mail if you're interested.


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