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January 23, 2013
Already this has been a productive week! I've been working out, having dinner ready for my man, playing with my babe, cleaning my house, and finishing projects! My secret? To do lists a.k.a. having a plan.
If you saw my post on Friday, then you saw that I've made myself a goal to run a half-marathon and even made myself a lovely graph/calendar of completion! Granted, I didn't actually write the schedule up myself, but I made it look pretty and easier to read.
But, I digress. In any case, that lovely little graph has been instrumental in my productiveness. On Sunday, I looked at the graph and planned out what I needed to do this week to have time for my workout, and that's when the meal plan came. I also knew that I wanted to get some projects done this week and that's when my weekly to do list was born.
And so we come to the real reason why I wanted to post today. I finished a pretty big project that I am SO happy with and definitely will be repeating!
It was so easy! My mother-in-law found it and suggested that I give it a try so I got the yarn and, since I already know how to do a basic garter knit, it was a sinch to make it adult-sized!

You will need:
Two colors of yarn, one for scarf and one for bow (I used regular yarn for both)
Size 10 knitting needles

26 stitches
3 feet long
4.5 inches before you're finished, regular stitch 11 stitches, and cast off for four more stitches. Cast back on for the remaining 11. There's a fantastic video to show you how to do this and a few other great tricks.

16 stitches
6.5 inches long
To make it a bow, simply wrap the yarn around the center until it's the thickness you want. Then sew the bow in the center 4.5 inches away from the end (not the same end where the button hole is).

I think next time I want to use chunky yarn for the scarf but other than that, I have no regrets about making this super cute Bow Scarf! I hope you will, too!

Cute, right? But I wasn't done with bows quite yet. I'm telling you, with all this extra time due to pre-week planning, I could SAVE THE WORLD! Or at least make something else!

I am in LOVE with this new skirt, but I'll save the tutorial for my next blog post. Until then!

It's the only way I could get her to sit still for a couple of seconds!

Obviously she was happy about it!

Gotta love the bows!

It's... a little big on her...

P.S. Here's the site I used to figure out my adult-sized Bow Scarf. Ta ta!

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