Chelsea's discoveries

January 4, 2013
I haven't posted about my daughters newly found talents and interests for a little while, so here we go...

Chelsea is teething. She has two bottom teeth that have fully broken through and two top teeth that are on their way.
Mommy bought a couple of those mesh baggies for frozen things that she can chew on and she seems to like those (especially with apples and bananas).
Chelsea likes to eat almost anything. The first time we gave her a lemon slice, she was completely unfazed.
Crawls like a pro.
Still sucks on her two middle fingers on the right hand.
Likes bath time, but not lotion time.
Likes crinkly things (like the wet wipes bag).
Has been practicing popping her lips (super cute) and likes to say "ma ma ma ma." Momma's so proud!
Can stand up with the help of Mommy's hands or another taller, sturdy object. I often find her in her crib standing now and can even stand on her own for a short period (her record is 15 seconds)!
Mommy made her wait.
Likes dogs.
For some reason screams and cries when Mommy gets out of the shower. Do I really look that different?
Is pretty shy at first with strangers, but warms up fairly quickly and the stranger ends up walking away with a smile from Chelsea.
Loves soft touch and feel books.
Definitely has a favorite blankie.
Likes to bite Mom while she's eating sometimes.
Goes down for naps easily.
Sleeps on her side initially.
Rubs her eyes when she's sleepy, even while I'm feeding her rice cereal.
Loves the Parrot puppet grandma Dodds gave her for Christmas and the musical toy Grammy got her (she even dances to it!)

Loves watching herself in the camera, mirror, home videos, wherever.

I had the iPhone set to record from the face of the phone so Chelsea could see herself.

Loves watching other little children. They make her laugh!
Is starting up swim lessons on Monday! It's this Mommy and me swim class and we are really excited to get started... At least, I'm sure she would be if she knew all about all the fun we're going to have and how cute she looks in her new swimming suit!

I love watching my little Chelsea grow and develop. It's amazing how quickly children learn new things, and to anyone who doesn't already know, being a mom is the best!


  1. i have been trying to find a mommy/me swim class, no luck so far. super jealous! have fun!

    1. Thanks! Our first class together is tomorrow so I'll be sure to write all about our little adventure! Good luck finding a class and thanks for visiting!

  2. Sounds like you know your daughter very well. She is such a cutie and is lucky to have you for a mom!


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