Music and the Spoken Word

August 12, 2012
This morning as I listened to Music and the Spoken Word, a program on the BYU channel with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, I thought of my brother Steven.
Steven died when I was 9 years old. He was 18. Although I was quite young and didn't know Steven as well as some of my other siblings, I can still remember when he would make movies with me and my other siblings and when he would pick me up, swing me upside-down and let me "walk" on the ceiling.
Just before he left for his work orientation meeting in Utah, where on his way home he fell asleep at the wheel and passed away, he dropped me and my brother off at an activity for my church. Just after Steven dropped us off and right before he left, I remembered that he was leaving. I turned around, ran back, and gave him a hug goodbye. How grateful I am for that moment.
Everyday is a precious day that we are given to spend with our loved ones. I hope we often treasure those moments. I hope we often tell our loved ones what they mean to us. I hope we often give them hugs and kisses to show our love. Steven's life was a gift to me and my family. We would not be a complete without him, and although he may not be with us now, we will be with him again.

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