Sock bun for shorties!

August 24, 2012

Who says sock buns are only for girls with long hair? Granted, it's not as easy with short hair and it takes a lot more bobby pins, but it's still possible!

You will need:
Regular hair tie
Thin hair tie
LOTS of bobby pins

Step one: Put hair in pony tail at height of desired sock bun.
Step two: tilt your head down until your hair fans out in all directions (including forwards as my picture fails to demonstrate).

Step three: take your skinny/thin hair tie and put it around your fanned out hair, doubling it over if necessary.

Step four: begin gently pulling at your hair so that your "so far sock bun" becomes more loose, like a regular sock bun.
Step five: start pinning down your hair. If some shorter pieces have come out, that's okay! Just try to tuck them under the longer pieces.

And you're done! Sock buns for shorties!

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