Yosemite – Bass Lake and traveling home

June 24, 2016
Jun 8-9

The lake was absolutely AMAZING this year! I've never seen it that full before (granted, I've only been twice before, but still) Normally there are lots of beaches and places to play in the sand, but the water was so high this time that you could see the tops of new trees poking out of the surface of the water!

yeah... she almost hit that duck...

But that's not what made it really amazing. The best part about Bass lake is that if you go any time in the summer at the beginning of June, the water is warm! I could have stayed out there for way longer than we did had it not been for a sad, goopy-eyed toddler, a hungry baby, and an ill-prepared husband (the shore and lake bottom were really rocky and Andrew didn't have the right shoes).

i spent an ENTIRE day at my friend Melissa's house making this suit and LOVE it! thanks for all your help, Melissa!

his smile melts my heart!

Poor Alexa! I'm not sure what it is, but Alexa is allergic to something up there. She started breaking out in hives that would come and then disappear and then reappear. Pile that on top of a fever one night and a viral infection of some sort that gave her the puffy, goopy eyes and you've got a pretty sad little gal!

I'm still not sure what was going on with Alexa because a day or so after we got home, Chelsea started showing the same symptoms. They're completely better now, so the whole thing remains a mystery... Thank goodness whatever it was, Barrett didn't get it!

The drive home was... to be totally honest, pretty lousy. Barrett did NOT enjoy being in the car AT ALL and Alexa was still having random outbreaks of rashes, or hives, or whatever they were. Needless to say, we were all super relieved when the drive was over. We had originally planned to stay for one more day, but with Alexa's allergic reactions, we decided we'd better head home.

It was so hard to leave Yosemite. It is probably my favorite bit of nature. Ever. Just the enormity of the boulders and rock faces blows my mind. Also, if you're interested in how Yosemite was created, click here.

take me back!

If I haven't convinced you yet to plan your next vacation to Yosemite, you'll never be convinced! Haha! Thanks for sticking with me this week! Expect to get back to normal, postings next week and if I pine after Yosemite from time to time, at least now you understand why.

Keep it real, friends!

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