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June 6, 2016
We love our Bloom Headwraps so much! When I took photos for the product review, I basically got a MILLION shots that I just love, but decided not to overload you in that first post. So here are some more, just because my kids look sooooooo cute in these Pom Pom Headwraps from Bloom Headwraps, and be sure to stop by and use the discount code SUSAN25 to receive 25% off of your order!

I cannot get enough of this laughing, graham cracker face, and I love how she thinks everything is "FUH-NEE!"

Before we came out to take pictures, I explained to Chelsea that it was important to take really pretty pictures so that everyone could see how beautiful these Bloom Headwraps are. I think she took me seriously.

Maybe a little TOO seriously.

There we go!

I love these Stange Sisters! They fight, they sometimes won't share, but I'll never get over listening to them playing and giggling with each other. We can learn a lot about forgiveness and relationships from our children who don't always get along, but love each other anyway!


  1. Ugh, it's cute things like this that make me want a little girl, stat! So super cute!

    1. Oh! But there are so many cute boy things, too!!! I need to post more of those kinds of things...


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