How to survive the last couple of weeks before baby

February 8, 2016
All moms know that it's the last month of pregnancy that's the longest, and the last couple of days/weeks before the due date? Even worse, however, this time around, it hasn't been as bad a wait for me. It's probably because I'm really busy with two active girlies in my home, but I also decided that this time, I would change my mindset.

To begin with, because both of my girls decided to show up "late for the party," I'm expecting this one to arrive on or after his due date, too. That way, if for some reason he does decide to show up a little early, I'll be happy, and if he's late, I'll be fine, too!

So, with that expectation in mind, here are some helpful tips for getting through those last couple of weeks.
**Keep in mind that this list is based off of my own personal experience with fairly "routine" births that were over-due. Every birth is different and every mother is different.

Don't pack your hospital bag too early
Honestly, I think I'd probably be fine waiting until the day I start into labor to pack, but I do think it's a good idea to be at least a little prepared. However, if I had packed at the beginning of January, like I really wanted to, I think it would have raised my expectations a little bit. So, I convinced myself to wait until the first week of February, at least!

Pace yourself
I decided to make myself a calendar with one big chore to tackle each day, things like dusting the blinds, cleaning the oven, doing the laundry, making freezer meals, organizing the girl's room, cleaning the baseboards, etc. I even included one day where I just get to rest, those are normally the days when I have my Dr. appointment. This saves you energy and also makes you feel like you have stuff to do while you wait. I'd suggest scheduling in some fun stuff, too!

Fully-cooked is good!
Those little babes grow SO MUCH in the last couple of weeks! They gain that cute squishy baby fat and their little, tiny baby organs are developed exactly the way they need to be in order to handle life outside the womb. Having that mind-set has really helped me this time around.

You can have Braxton Hicks, efface nearly 100%, be dilated, and still be weeks off from welcoming your little baby into the world. Don't get too excited.

People are going to say stuff and make disbelieving faces and it's going to get REALLY old. Expect it, and just smile or laugh and walk away.

Keep busy
And don't read too much baby literature! There comes a point when you just have to kind of "wash your hands" of it all, close your eyes, and accept that you're ready.
Spend time with friends, read a good non-baby book, watch your favorite TV show, write thank-you notes, clean, improve old talents, find new ones, write in your journal about how hard it is to wait... Just do something!

Service and Gratitude
^^printable via happiness is homemade^^

Recently, I've been feeling like I don't show enough gratitude to all the people who have/continue to help me out and thinking I'd like to be more like my amazing sis-in-law Brooke who makes birthday cards for EVERYONE in our family (which really is saying a lot). And the more you focus on serving other people and being grateful for others, the less time you think about how terribly you want to hold your baby in your arms!

Those last couple of weeks are for sure the hardest of the entire pregnancy with all the anticipation (not to mention the discomfort!) that you have for your babe to come, but try to relax. Your baby is safe and happy. He'll come when he's ready.

Be strong, and good luck!

P.S. If you wanna be one of the first to know when this baby does make his arrival, make sure you follow me via my social media, especially Instagram. That's my favorite. ;)

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  1. So excited for you! This is a great list, I agree with every part! :)


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