Dear Alexa,

February 14, 2016
I am so curious to see how you are with this baby brother! Every time we see a baby, you are totally engrossed! You love to name all their facial parts and sometimes point them out, which becomes a problem when it comes to their eyes.

I wonder how you'll feel about the attention that you have to share with a sister and a brother. I know that you'll love him and that you'll love having a baby around. I wouldn't be surprised if you were one of those little kiddos who cries sympathetically when he does.

Even though things are going to change a lot around this house, I hope you take it in stride and remember how special and loved you are by your dad, mom, sister, and by the baby brother who will join us. You are such a sweet little girl who makes us all smile with your giggles, little phrases, and snuggles. I especially love it when we're walking and you say "gallop! gallop!" and do your 18-month-old interpretation of galloping. Dad and I still love the way you say "thank you, Daddy" and "sorry, Chelsea." You're such a smart little girl and such a tease! Every time I give you food to eat in the kitchen, if you're not strapped into your chair, you will take a step or two into the family room with a mischievous grin on your face until I say something Then you say "okay," and step back into the kitchen for just a moment before you do it all over again. You think you are soooo funny!

I love you so much, Alexa and know that whatever comes our way, you'll maintain your happy, sweet, loving personality no matter what!

My goodness how we love you! and P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!

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