Tutorial: Autumn Square Wreath

November 10, 2014

So last week, I posted a tutorial for a way to spruce up your candle using twigs. Another way to utilize the dead tree branches in my backyard was to make a wreath! This was another very low-cost, time efficient, and economic home improvement idea that I LOVE. It cost me barely even $3.00 and took about 1 hour to make.

IMG_8084 edit01 

You will need:

  • 20+ tree branches cut to the length you want (mine are about 14” long)
  • twine
  • burlap in three different colors
  • white acrylic paint
  • glue gun
  • pruning shears

IMG_8033 edit01

Step 1: Separate your branches equally into four piles, bunch them together, and tie them using a piece of twine.


IMG_8036 edit01

Step 2: Lay the branches out in a square, just the way you want it to look when you’re done.


IMG_8043 step01

Step 3: Use a yard of twine to tie the branches together at the corners, wrapping around the branches diagonally and tying securely underneath.


IMG_8056 edit01

Step 4: Using the pruning shears, trim the branches at the ends.


IMG_8061 edit01

Step 5: Cut four triangles out of your colorful burlap and use the hot glue gun to connect them to the twine. Use white acrylic paint to give the banner some embellishment. You can write the word “Fall” on the banner, do stripes, or opt for polka-dots like mine!

IMG_8087 edit01

When you’re done, tie the banner to the top corners of the square and hang the wreath on your door!


IMG_8079 edit01

IMG_8089 edit01

IMG_8095 edit01

Simple as that! How do you bring the outdoors in during the fall? See you on Wednesday with another way to decorate your home with the outside!


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