My Crafting Craze!

July 14, 2012

After my husband Andrew and I graduated from BYU-I, we moved to Utah so Andrew could begin his job search. I was pregnant at the time and not working. For the first month of the job search, I was just about bored out of my mind! That's when it all began... My crafting craze. Here was my first project!

We Can Sew!
Another Poem by: Susan Stange

Sitting at home
Has never been fun.
I'd searched for a project,
But couldn't find one.

Until Sunday afternoon,
Just after church
I came up with a plan
To end my hobby-search.

I got out my scissors,
I got out my thread.
I got out my fabric,
And got out of bed!

Pinning and snipping,
And before you know,
I've finished the dress,
And said, "We can sew!"

I originally made this to be a practice baby blessing dress for after she was born, but I ended up letting my mom (a much more talented seamstress than I) tackle that endeavor.

I just had to add this picture!

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