July 23, 2012

Woo hoooooo! Finished the curtains. SUPER easy. Imagine hemming all four sides of a rectangular-shaped, big piece of material, and you got it! Thank you Wal-Mart for the curtain rod and clips and Hancock Fabrics for the Yellow Corn, Chevron printed fabric. I just bought 8 yards of the stuff (from the upholstery section that's on the long rods, and on sale), measured how long It was from the curtain rod to the floor, added a few extra inches at the bottom (for the hem), serged all four sides (thanks for letting me use the serger, Mom), hemmed the top and sides, hung it up on the curtain rod/clips, measured (again) so that I could hem the bottom at the right length, ironed, and cha-ching! Anybody could do this one!

If you don't have a serger, that's fine. Just fold the side edge over once, stitch, then fold it over again (kind of like hemming twice). Or you can zig-zag stitch all the sides. The point is to avoid any fray-adge.

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