Doula Chats: Unmedicated Birth Mindset

May 17, 2022

An unmedicated birth happens one wave at a time. When each comes, you have a choice: believe that you can, or believe that you can't.

During my unmedicated labors, transition always came and it was always then that I wondered why I was doing this. I was in a hospital. It would be so much easier to call for the epidural. I had nothing to prove.

But then I remembered how amazing it felt afterward. How all of this wouldn't matter then. I listened to my husband's voice telling me "just one more," and I knew in my mind that I could do this, even though I said out loud, "I don't want to do this."

It's not until we descend below the wave, surrendering our consciousnesses to the sensations of birth that we're then able to emerge from it.

Alexa's birth 2014 - first unmedicated birth

Barrett's birth 2016 - second unmedicated birth

Elise's birth 2019 - third unmedicated birth

You can do this.


*Susan Joy is a Doula and Birth Documenter serving the families of Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, San Tan, and other cities in the East Valley. The information presented here is not medical advice. All medical decisions should be made after discussion with your medical provider.*

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