September 12, 2020

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has worked a number on the world. Andrew and I had planned on celebrating our 10-year anniversary with a trip to Germany in June. NOPE! And don't even get me started on moving states during a pandemic.

These disappointments, while pretty depressing, don't even hold a candle to all the families who have had to sacrifice their birth support teams. Pair that with unpleasant COVID-19 testing and not even allowing visitors... It's hard, but...

Before I moved to Arizona, my dear friend, Megan Insta-duced me (see what I did there?) to Lauren @thelaurenstyle. I was immediately drawn to her crisp images, her passion, and her heart. Of course, I noticed she was pregnant and wanted to do something for her, so I reached out and asked if she would be interested in making a kind of "Welcome Home" video. She invited me to her INCREDIBLY well decorated home and patiently waited while I learned more about how to use my gimbal! I gave her some direction with video at the hospital on her phone, but being a creator herself, she was already pretty savvy, and after little Rosemary was born, I returned for more video to complete the story.

It wasn't until I posted her story that I really understood what I had done. Many of the comments on my post expressed that my work had brought tears to their eyes and one of my closest friends told me it was her favorite video I had ever done.


Despite all the restrictions, rules, and regulations, I had created something that showed the beauty, strength, and selflessness of motherhood. I felt alive again. The passion that had so long sat in a corner with her head tucked down into her chest quietly sobbing looked up. She was still there. Strong. Ready to serve.

COVID-19 has taken a lot from us, but it doesn't have to take everything. Whether this is our "new normal" or not, we can still create something beautiful together. Let me help you do that, and I promise, you will never regret it.


Susan is a birth photographer and videographer serving Mesa, Arizona and surrounding cities in the East Valley including Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, and Tempe. Considering a photographer for your birth? Contact Susan for EDD availability.

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