Tips for your Fresh 48 Session

July 9, 2019

The first 48 hours after the birth of your baby is one of the most magical times of  your life. Seeing their squishy faces, snuggling their warm, fuzzy bodies, and introducing them to their older siblings is something you always want to remember, which is why you hired a photographer. Now you want to make sure the session comes off without a hitch. Here are some tips to do just that!

Tidy up
Clean up any garbage left on tables, make up the couch bed your husband has been camping out on, find closets to stow your bags away, etc.
*extra credit - move the bedside tray table and laundry hamper and/or garbage can on wheels into the bathroom

Open the blinds and turn out the lights
Let in as much natural light as possible and avoid artificial light. This will give your images the best coloring and allow for more "play room" for the photographer in directing light.

Get Dressed
Choose an outfit for yourself that is comfortable but cute. Robes are a good option, also loose-fitting shirts or pajamas. In general, avoid shirts with graphics and tops that are tight.

A natural look will give your photos a feeling of innocence and authenticity (realness).

Clean up baby
If you don't want to wash your baby just yet, or haven't had the opportunity, that's alright, but take a minute to wipe away any flaky skin or goop from baby's eyes.

Baby outfit
Apart from being naked, simple outfits are great and compliment baby without drawing any attention away from all those tiny baby features. A solid-colored sleeper or even a white onesie will do, and don't forget a head accessory! Beanies are great for baby boys and turbans/bows are adorable on baby girls.
*extra credit - one outfit will do, as dressing (and undressing) newborns can be a little tricky and they generally don't like costume changes. Have them dressed when your photographer arrives.

A t-shirt and shorts are totally fine for this kind of shoot (dressier is fine too), but generally speaking, stay away from shirts with graphics and bright colors.

Feed baby
If your baby gets fussy during the shoot, don't worry! This can just become another opportunity to capture some bonding moments between mama and baby.
*extra credit - feed your baby right as your photographer is arriving. She'll capture that bonding, then you can move smoothly on to more shots with a happily fed baby.

Sentimental items
Blankets made by grandmothers, stuffed animals from older siblings, flowers, etc. can add to your baby's shoot/story.
*extra credit - stretchy swaddle blankets are a great alternative to the hospital blankets

Older siblings
If your baby has older siblings, plan to bring them about a half hour after the photographer arrives. This gives your photographer time to get shots of just baby and baby with mom before everyone else arrives.

*extra credit - ask a relative or friend to bring the older siblings to the hospital so that dad can get some shots with mom and baby before everyone else arrives, too.
*extra-extra credit - give your kids a heads up that there's a photographer coming and to think of her as if she's an Auntie just there taking pictures. They can be themselves and just enjoy being together.

If there are any other visitors/family members, invite them to come in at the end. This will allow for a cohesive shoot, portraying a bonding experience in a gradual way. Give your visitors a heads-up that this is how you'd like this session to go.

The main thing you want from this session is to have your hands free to fully live in the moment and enjoy this time, knowing that a professional is handling the documentation for you.

Good luck with your session, and I hope to see you soon!
*extra credit - book a session with me by e-mailing inquiries to susanjoyfilmandphoto[at]gmail[dot]com 


Susan is a birth photographer/videographer serving Chandler, Arizona and surrounding cities. Considering a photographer for your birth? Contact Susan for EDD availability.

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