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October 27, 2018

Wow, it has been SO LONG since I have written a blog post that I hardly know where to start! Let's just go with, hey everyone! Welcome to my blog today! I'm very excited to *finally* share another post with you! Let me introduce you to the Womack family.

The Womack family lives in Logan, which is a bit of distance between the two of us, so the first time I met Kenzi was in the delivery room, although we had a lot of great correspondence via Instagram up to that point (isn't social media incredible?)

Before we get to the pictures, I wanted to share what Kenzi wrote about her experience:

"Hiring Susan was one of the best decisions I made before giving birth. It was my first, so I had no idea what to expect, but I did know I wanted it documented!
Susan was a part of my team! She was there to comfort me when I needed it, but knew when to be a fly on the wall during the more intimate moments.
The pictures she captured are priceless. I look through them every single day (no lie) and can feel every emotion I felt that day again and again. It was amazing to be able to have my husband cell phone/camera free, so we could be in the moment with me!"
Kenzi Womack

It was awesome to see the amount of support she had brought with her.

I absolutely love this photo because those nurses do SO MUCH for their delivering mothers. I've never felt more grateful for a complete stranger than I did when I delivered MY first baby. 

And I gotta say, one of my favorite details about her delivery were her penguin socks!

And my favorite moment of the entire experience was when I heard the father whisper, "I'm already scared for her to grow up." *cue watery eyes* I am so grateful I get to do what I do.


Susan is a birth photographer and videographer serving Mesa, Arizona and surrounding cities in the East Valley including Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, and Tempe. Considering a photographer for your birth? Contact Susan for EDD availability.

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