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March 1, 2018

I wrote the title for this post, then I went back and spent about 20 minutes (JK. the next HOUR) reading all the other posts about him! And even though 2 years have passed and everything has changed, at the same time, nothing has changed. Barrett is still as much the sunshine in our home as he was the moment he entered our lives. I often comment to Andrew how much I love that you can always depend on Barrett to wake up in the morning with a smile, and be granted that same gesture multiple times throughout the day.

*Perceived* opinions and thoughts of the now two-year-old:
Throwing the toys into the basket when it's time to clean up is WAY more fun than simply picking them up and putting them away, and the long nozzle that goes to the vacuum cleaner makes the best sword to chase your squealing sisters with!

Sharing a birthday with your dad isn't so bad, especially when your dad doesn't care much for the spotlight, and who cares if all the gifts you got came from a second-hand retail store? That Buzz Lightyear and Stick Horse are le-git.

Mom's cake baking has improved over the years, but her decorating of said cake has not. She cares, but nobody else does.

Horses definitely say "neigh" in the highest pitch and loudest voice possible.

I'll gain at least 5 extra minutes before Mom and Dad put me to bed if I ask for a drink, a kiss from Chelsea, and a song. And I get at least 2 extra minutes if I get Dad to do it.

Learning new words is fun! So many different ways to express myself and get exactly what I want, and if I jump up-and-down excitedly once Mom realizes what I want and gets it for me, I'm 90% more likely to receive the same in future.

Mom keeps trying to push the movie "Cars" on me, but I'm perfectly content with what my sisters are watching, unless it's that Mermaids TV show (Mako Mermaids, H20, etc). Yeah, I have no patience for that. Give me Pocoyo instead.

I can climb all things.

Dad never really smiles for pictures, so I don't understand why Mom tries so hard to get me to do it. Good thing I have an iron-clad resolve to keep my frown from turning upside-d... Ohhhh... Mom wants me to stay against this wall, huh? She doesn't want me to play in the curtains, huh? heh heh heh... *who's the real winner here?*

Teasing Mom and my sisters is the best kind of entertainment.

I am the coolest kid with the best personality EVER! And my Mom is lucky to have me. ;)


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