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December 29, 2017

Soooo... It's probably about time I told you all how the sewing event went!!! It's way over due.

First of all, thank you to all the wonderful women who came out to learn and sew with me! We had such a great time laughing and eating popcorn and ending it all with some super cute and comfy lounge pants!

Now here's some background info. I basically planned this entire thing over the course of two weeks and I learned this about myself: I am a procrastinator. But there's a reason, and that reason is, the less time I have to plan something, the less time I have to spend worrying about it! *insert sweat-laughing emoji here*

Luckily enough for me, I had some great people who were willing to work with me.

Lisa's Passion for Popcorn provided some of their gourmet popcorn for us to enjoy as we sewed. I'm a huge fan of Lisa's and popcorn in general, and have been for a long time. I was really grateful when they agreed to come because I love their product, and I love to share what I love! They're located in Kaysville and if you ever stop by, make sure you try some of their blueberry flavor. Mmmmmmm...

We were also provided with fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics, who I was not introduced to until this event and am now really happy to know about. They carry quality, cute fabric for the modern-day-seamstress. They've got a lot of really cute Christmas-y printed fabrics right now! Plus, they do custom printing as well, which is pretty cool.

And of course I can't let Hello Audrey Studios go without notice. Ariel and Kyle were so accommodating and easy-going! I was blown away by the entire aesthetic of their studio and it was perfect for my event. They were willing to let us use their tables, backdrops, lighting, whatever and even held on to my phone charger for nearly two months after I left it at their place! It's actually a funny story that ended in me misjudging the distance down some steps in the dark and slightly twisting my ankle. No biggie.

I think the coolest part of the entire event, though, was seeing these women, all at different skill-levels, complete something that they may not have tried otherwise, and they did it on their own! The whole goal of my event wasn't to necessarily teach everyone something new, but to embolden them to just give it a go and see that they really can do it! Of course mistakes were made, but that's when creativity really kicks in and, dare-I-say, wisdom is gained!

I definitely want to plan another one of these events, so keep your eyes open and I hope to see you at my next one!


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