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February 7, 2017
Hi all! Good to see you again! I'd apologize for being a little absent around here, but I don't know that any one of you really missed me all that much anyway... :'(

Haha! Just kidding. I know you all love me and want to know every single detail of my life! So let's get things back on track, shall we?

Photography, photography, PHOTOGRAPHY!!! My life has been happily consumed by this online course I'm taking through BYU-Idaho. It's a beginners photography class and I am learning SO MUCH! Amazing all the information that just slips between the cracks when you're self-taught. Now I feel like I'm really *starting* to understand my camera and Lightroom, which is amazing and awesome and totally worth the amount I'm paying per month to have it.

So, let me tell you briefly what I've learned. No. Let me show you...

Capture assignment 01: Exposure
No edits. Just get to know your camera a little better and learn about that light meter!

Capture assignment 02: Basic Editing
This lesson taught me how to do some basic edits (in black and white) and taught me to make sure that the blacks in my photos weren't too heavy.

Capture assignment 03: Aperture and Depth of Field
I'm more prone to the shallow depth of field photos (first photo), so it was a little intimidating stepping out of my comfort zone to capture maximum depth of field photos (second photo), but I found that I actually really enjoyed it!

Capture assignment 04: Motion (frozen and blurred)
This has been my favorite lesson thus far! I learned about panning and although it takes me about 4 million photos just to get one good one, it's so worth it! And also, giving my baby boy sink baths is the most darling, and messy thing ever!

And that's where I am now! This week's assignment is called "Sense of Place" so I get to go around my town and find good places to take some photos that *hopefully* give the viewers a feel for the place that I live. Should be fun!

Other than photography, we're installing some new flooring in a couple of days! Hooray! I'm nervous and also excited about it! I've also got painting my kitchen cabinets on my mind, but one thing at a time!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by today! I've got a couple of DIY and tutorials in mind that I'll try to get up as soon as I can! Until then, get your cameras, knitting needles, wood saw, brushes, or whatever your hobby is out and get creating, because it feels SO good to create something NEW!


Susan is a birth photographer/videographer serving Mesa, Arizona and surrounding cities including Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, and Tempe. Considering a photographer for your birth? Contact Susan for EDD availability.

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