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December 19, 2016
I could go on for at least an hour on Christmas traditions and all the different ones that my family had and that I loved growing up, then maybe another hour on the traditions that I have in my own little family now. Traditions are a part of what make Christmas so special and fun for me because traditions typically involve people you've known and loved for many many years, and who have I known and loved for that long? My family, which is what Christmas is all about, right?

So! To spare you all an EXTREMELY long post, I'll just share my favorite part of Christmas, the stockings!

My mother makes everyone in the family their own, hand-crocheted stocking, and they are absolutely priceless to me.

dress | shein

On Christmas morning, no one is allowed out of bed until 7:00 AM. We'd all set our clocks fast because we were sneaky like that, then we'd race up the stairs to see what was in our stockings! We always had one gift (like a little toy or DVD), chocolate gold coins, Swedish Fish, an orange, and a candy cane or some other little treat.

When I married into Andrew's family, we added to the stocking haul! His family had the tradition of IBC Root Beer and Nutella. They had a few other things, but those were the two that I liked best!

Then, last year, Andrew and I decided to start our own Family Stocking Tradition. In addition to all those yummy treats and the chocolate golden coins, we also include one real Silver Coin.

Joining families and traditions is one of the funnest parts of being married! And then, as your family grows and  you add children to the mix, Christmases somehow become even MORE fun than when you were a kid.

What is one of your favorite Christmas traditions? Comment below!

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Whatever your Christmas traditions, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and that this season has been one where you can say you've felt your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's love.

Merry CHRISTmas!!!

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