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September 19, 2016
Hey-oh! Hi guys! Our family just got back from a family vacation to visit Andrew's parents and I am LOADED with pictures! So, while I work on that, may I interest you in a giveaway?

Remember this post from a while back?

Remember how it was all about doing service with your little ones? Well, it was all inspired by this heart-stamped piece of jewelry from Yellow Quakies.

This necklace has become so much more than a pretty accessory. It has become a reminder to do something for someone else and forget yourself for a little while. And I make sure I put it on every Sunday to remind myself and my family about it. Yesterday, we made rolls together to deliver to a friend who's having a hard time right now (because who doesn't love delicious home-baked rolls?!)

c/o my iphone and my husband's AMAZING photography skills! ;)

Not every service project we do together is a big one. A couple of weeks ago, our service project was to call an Aunt we hadn't talked to in a while. The service was probably more on Aunt Lauren's part because I'm sure she didn't anticipate talking for so long, but I want my children to know and understand that giving of your time just to talk with someone can be a service and that service doesn't always have to be some huge undertaking.

Anyway, I'm really excited about this giveaway because the necklace really is so cute and Shaylee is a woman of many talents. In addition to jewelry, she paints, and is a videographer. Seriously. Talented.

So make sure you visit my instagram to see how to enter to win!

See you on Friday!

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