"Pictures on the bed?"

November 14, 2015
Yes, Andrew. Have you not seen ANY of the pictures that I've taken of Chelsea, Alexa, or of me in the past year or two? Besides, it's called lifestyle photography. People take family pictures on their beds all the time. Plus, it's where we get a lot of great, natural light.

Alright, alright. I gotta give Andrew a little break. We have taken about a million family photos in the past six months. I guess he's entitled to some resistance. It's just that I've finally gotten around to making some photo placement decisions in our house and I want current, matching photos. It is SUCH a relief to finally have some plans about my walls that I'm really excited about!

What I love about lifestyle photography is that it captures people as they really are in their natural habitat! These photos are 100% my family. Chelsea is wearing her gray sweater turned inside-out because she wanted to wear a "zebra" shirt.

I posted a bunch of these photos to my personal instagram yesterday and wrote some mushy-gushy stuff about them. Here's what I said about Chelsea:

"I posted on Facebook asking how to approach a "choice-giving situation" when the toddler often won't choose. After posting this, I received a lot of great feedback, but also felt a little silly because although Chelsea and I struggle with this, she is an AMAZING little girl and I honestly feel like I don't have much to complain about. Chelsea is beautiful inside and out. She loves to help, pretend to be different animals, and tell stories at bed time. She is so strong and talented and totally forgiving. Anyone who knows Chelsea is lucky!"

Alexa has always been very photogenic. And kind of a cheese ball. Getting a cute scrunchy-nosed smile from her is not hard. I do have to admit that the bow on her head isn't exactly a lifestyle natural for Alexa, but, ya know...

Here's what I said about Alexa on instagram:

"What can I say about Alexa? She is so smart. She loves people and is so talkative! At the store the other day, she would not stop yelling 'hi' at a stranger until he realized she was talking to him. She loves to follow Chelsea around, but can play independently, too. She is hypnotized into sleep by the song, 'I know that my Savior Loves Me.' She loves dogs and has a little bit of an attitude. She makes us laugh every day and we couldn't be happier to have her in our family!"

The picture on the right makes me laugh because of all the captions you can assign Andrew's face! I told everyone to, in this picture, look at Mommy's tummy, so the caption I assign is "Alien."

These girls are crazy, dramatic, emotional, and down right hilarious sometimes.

Here's what I said about these sweet sisters:

"They yell at each other, chase each other, laugh at each other, hit each other, take toys from each other, play games together, help each other, and love each other. Everything that sisters do best! Every morning they wake up, they're the first people they want to see. Chelsea insists on getting Alexa out of bed and if I happen to get there first, Alexa asks, 'Where's Chelsea?' These girls are lucky to have each other as sisters."

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