June 2, 2015
When Aunt Lauren and Uncle Josh were in Germany, they tortured the rest of us in boring ‘ol USA (jokes, friends, jokes) by sending a million amazing photos! Seriously. It was wonderfully torturous. Poor Opa was getting so homesick!
It was okay, though. They made up for it by bringing home a Dirndl (German dress) for our little Chelsea.
  IMG_2063 edit01
IMG_2056 edit01
IMG_2060 edit01IMG_2022 edit01
IMG_2138 edit01
I think I just died.
IMG_2041 edit01IMG_2091 edit01
I love that Andrew’s family is so deeply rooted in their heritage!
Chelsea is getting cleverer and cleverer every day! One thing I’ve learned about her is that she needs warning. If I throw her into situations without warning, like telling her it’s time to go to bed, it’s time to leave, take a bath, etc. etc., she DOES NOT like that. If, however, I tell her we’re leaving in two minutes and I set the timer on my phone, she does really, really well!
She is a little threenager! She is often telling me to stop singing, stop dancing, not to say this or that, etc. Most of the time it’s funny, but sometimes…
She is a GREAT helper! She almost always does what I ask her to. She’s really good at getting me a bag when Alexa has a poopy diaper, loves to go out to get the mail with me, and helps me clean the house.
She has been my motivation for working out again! Mostly because I don’t want her watching TV in the morning and if I’m using the TV to work out, then she doesn’t mind missing a movie or show. Our mornings are always A LOT better if I work out.
She’s getting better at drawing little pictures! Her people actually look like people now!
She is so imaginative! She sees animals and sailboats in random scribbles and always, ALWAYS notices things that look like Mickey, which is basically any group of three items.
She’s just as social as she’s always been! We love to play with friends and they seem to like her, too! She has such great little friends! Plus, she’s got a lot better at playing with them.
She can dish out the teasing, but she can. not. take it.
She likes to help feed Alexa and loves to play with her at night in her crib. Her favorite is making Alexa laugh. They are so cute when they giggle together!
IMG_2118 edit01
Chelsea is our exuberant, affectionate, imaginative little darling and we love every bit of her!
IMG_2150 edit01
Thanks for the Dirndl Aunt Lauren and Uncle Josh!
IMG_2159 edit01
^^silly girl^^

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