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February 5, 2015
If there’s one thing I do well, it’s bake cookies. I may not be able to create recipes or even tweak them, but I hardly EVER botch a batch of cookies. You could call me the follow-the-recipe cookie queen.
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This morning began on a good note with some Krispy Kremes for breakfast, but quickly went down-hill from there.
Tantrum over not wanting to sit on the potty. Cue, irritated mama.
Knocking over little sister. Cue agitated mama.
Making unnecessary mess. Cue impatient mama.
It took me way too long to realize that miss Chelsea’s naughty behavior was a cry for attention and that, instead of getting angry and trying my darndest to finish my sewing project (or anything else for that matter), wasn’t worth the emotional stress or relationship building I was missing out on with my daughter.
After a few desperate texts with my man at work and a phone call with my mama , I put aside my project, put Alexa down for a nap, and played catch, ran races, pretended to be a frog, and sang songs with my oldest daughter until naptime. Cue quality time with baby, followed by project time.
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IMG_9865 edit01 IMG_9875 edit01   
When Chelsea woke up, I put my project aside once again and we made some of our favorite cookies: Gingersnaps.
IMG_9912 edit01
IMG_9920 edit01
We talked about ingredients, how to measure them, what numbers were used in the cookbook, and rolled the dough balls in the sugar together. We laughed took pictures, sang together, and laughed some more. Who knew that “Mary had a little Dragonfly, whose fleece was white as dah-doh” could be so funny?
IMG_9993 edit01
IMG_9994 edit01
IMG_9995 edit01
IMG_9997 edit01
Although, we were having so much fun taking pictures and singing about Mary’s dragonfly that we kind of forgot to set a timer.
IMG_0011 edit01
Guess I can’t always have a perfect batch of cookies. Oh well! I’ll take a slightly burnt batch of cookies with a smiling, truly blissful toddler any ‘ol day!
IMG_0021 edit01
IMG_0089 edit01
IMG_0112 edit01
Moral of the story: Manage your time and project list better, and make sure your little ones know that they mean more to you than some dumb ‘ol project.
IMG_0075 edit01
I love you, sweetheart.

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