Life Lately From my iPhone – December 2014

December 9, 2014

This is how we’ve felt at our house most days this month.

Photo Nov 28, 7 52 44 AM

Today was really great, though! Chelsea even let me sew for a while and I was able to finish this.

Photo Dec 08, 2 28 29 PM

And she has been getting into the Christmas spirit. She loves the toy Nativity we have and likes to share with Alexa, too!

Photo Nov 28, 9 11 49 AM

We are in the middle of a lot of change right now. Chelsea is moving back into her old room upstairs with Alexa because we’ve learned that she sleeps better and goes down easier when she can be closer to us and share a room with her favorite sister. Of course, that means that little sis sometimes has to sleep on the couch if big sis has already fallen asleep at naptime.

Photo Dec 05, 1 50 46 PM (1)

We LOVE the bike trailer we got from Edith and Mark Castro at Omega bikes! I even took it to Hobby Lobby the other day for some Christmas decorations!

Photo Dec 01, 10 08 10 AM

I decided to make Chelsea her own felt tree since she always wanted to play with my felt Advent Calendar. It was fun, but didn’t stop her from ripping one of the numbered pockets. Oh well.

Photo Dec 03, 2 28 25 PM

We also tried playing “Pin the Hat on the Snowman.” She thought it was fun to put his hat on upside-down, but wasn’t too fond of the blind-fold. She chose to cover her own eyes instead.

Photo Dec 04, 9 38 53 AM   Photo Dec 04, 9 40 28 AM

Photo Dec 04, 9 40 04 AM

Have you written your letter to Santa yet?

Photo Dec 01, 7 30 30 PM

After an eventful two baby blessings for family this weekend in Utah Valley, this little gal crashed on my lap!

Photo Dec 07, 12 01 32 PM

Being a Mom is tough. Like, really hard. There are some days where I can’t help but feel completely alone, like no one understands, and “why in the heck did He send her to a lousy mom like me?” Those days… They’re not my favorite.

But then I look through the past month’s photos on my iPhone, with all of the cute, smiling faces, and I realize that if they’re both smiling, I must be doing something right.

Photo Nov 24, 9 17 05 AM ^^ Well… smiling or making a double chin ^^


  1. I am constantly stunned by your talent! That skirt is gorgeous!

    1. You are so sweet, Chelsea! I learned a lot about pleating by making it! I mentioned this on your instagram, but have you considered fashion blogging at all? I think you have the CUTEST style!


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