Birthday Vacation 2014

May 23, 2014
Hey all! Last week, I celebrated my 24th birthday. The stark contrast between birthdays when you're younger and birthdays when you're older (especially when you have kids) is really quite comical. I definitely spent more time anticipating Chelsea's birthday than I did mine, but the actual occasion was just as fun and exciting.

To make my birthday really special, Andrew got work off for most of the week and we headed north to spend some time with my parents. It was an added bonus to have my brother and his little family there, too! The morning of my birthday, Andrew and I headed to the temple, which I think will become a tradition because it really started my birthday off right. From there, we came home to pancakes. We've had the tradition in my family to make as many pancakes as the birthday person is old. I modified the tradition with my family to just writing the person's age with pancake batter, but Mom is old-fashioned. You better believe I ate all 24 of those pancakes! We also went to the pool that day (it's covered by a bubble since it's not quite warm enough outside) and ended it with a delicious BBQ and ice cream cake. Yum! Andrew bought me two necklaces for my birthday, my first two statement necklaces EVER, and I love them. What made it even better was that he got one on sale because it didn't quite lie flat, but Mom happens to have a jewelry kit that fixed that problem easily. Yay Mom! It really was a great birthday. Sorry. No pictures. I was too busy playing with my family and eating ice cream cake.

In addition to the above mentioned activities, while we were in Idaho, we also visited Shoshone Falls, helped chop wood, ate dinner outside on the patio EVERY NIGHT, swam in the kiddie pool EVERY DAY, and hiked up to Balanced Rock (a little-known scenic attraction/hike in the Magic Valley). Even with my pregnant belly, I was able to climb all the way up to the rock, but you better believe I was bushed by the time we got back down!

01 IMG_5048
 02 IMG_5050_edited-1
 03 twinfallscollage01
 04 twinfallscollage02
 05 IMG_5081
We found this little waterfall on our hike down to the Shoshone Falls.

06 twinfallscollage03
 07 IMG_5083 edit01
These are the Shoshone Falls.

08 twinfallscollage05
 09 IMG_5085 edit01
 10 IMG_5092 edit01
 11 twinfallscollage04
 12 IMG_5099
 13 IMG_5102 edit01
 14 IMG_5100 edit01
 15 twinfallscollage06
Nothing but a lot of lovin' going on here!

16 twinfallscollage07
Really. She's just trying to give him a kiss.

17 IMG_5115
 18 IMG_5117
 19 IMG_5125 edit01
 20 twinfallscollage08_01
 21 IMG_5129
 22 twinfallscollage10
 23 IMG_5133 edit01
 24 twinfallscollage09

It was so great to go back to my home town for the week and feel so relaxed and at ease there. As I drove down the streets of my first home, it hit me that as much as I may have tried to deny it in high school and college, I am a small-town girl, and will always lean that way. I like the unhurriedness and calm of small-town life and feeling like I could easily bump into someone I know at any moment. And it's just so beautiful there. If we could move back to Twin Falls, I would do it in a heartbeat.

25 IMG_5142 edit01

Thanks for a great week, family! It was much needed.

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