Electronic Pocket Sleeve for Car Travel: Tutorial

April 23, 2014
So our family is planning on taking more than one long car ride this summer, which means thinking of ways to keep the little one occupied as we go. I've been looking at car travel organizers online and, although I think they're really cool, Chelsea isn't quite old enough to really be able to take advantage of one (short arms, ya know), but one thing I thought that might help would be this iPad pocket sleeve so that she can watch movies and things on the go.


The best part is that even with the vinyl overlay, you can still touch and select things on the iPad, AND it doesn't interfere with the sound.

Ready for a tutorial? Here we go!

You will need:
1/2 yrd thin or medium thickness vinyl (you can purchase this at your fabric store)
1/2 yrd fabric
1/2 yrd batting
Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape
1/2" wide Velcro (opt)
Thread, scissors, measuring tape, iron, etc.

2 pieces of fabric - the size of your electronic device plus one extra inch on each side
for my iPad 3, this turned out being 9x11.5"
1 piece of vinyl - same size as fabric
1 piece of batting - same size as fabric
2 pieces of bias tape, each 12+ inches
4 pieces of fabric cut to 18x4"
Velcro pieces, 6" long each side (rough and soft) opt.

Step 1: Cut
Lay your iPad (kindle, whatever) on top of your vinyl and cut a rectangle around your iPad with 1" extra on each side (I cut about 1/2" extra on each side and it worked, but the pocket is a little snug). Cut two pieces of fabric that are the same size as the vinyl and a piece of batting the same size as those. Iron the fabric. Cut the rest of the fabric, bias tape, etc. as outlined in "Dimensions," cutting the bias tape to be just a little longer than the long side of the vinyl as pictured below.


Step 2: Sew-Vinyl pocket
Take one of the pieces of bias tape and sew it along the long side of the vinyl (you're sewing the pocket opening for the iPad right now).
**Note: When you buy vinyl, it comes in thin paper. Place the paper beneath the vinyl and what you're sewing so that the vinyl doesn't stick as you sew and tear the paper away when you're done.


Step 3: Sew-Fabric pocket
Lay one piece of fabric face down, lay batting on top of that, and the other piece of fabric facing up on top of that, aligning the top, long edges. Pin the bias tape to the top of all three layers and sew in place.


Step 4: Straps and Binding
Iron your 4 strap pieces flat and sew all four pieces together, end to end, with right sides together, using a 1/4" seam allowance. Iron open each seam, and fold your now very long piece in half-lengthwise, wrong sides together. Iron on fold.


Step 5: Straps and Binding cont'd.
Pin the vinyl piece on top of the fabric and batting piece along the sides, being sure to align the top (where the bias tape/pocket opening is).
Find the center of the binding you just made and pin it to the center of the pocket at the bottom, aligning the raw edges. Continue pinning along the bottom.


Step 6: Mitering
Now you're going to miter the corners. Sew along the bottom where you pinned, using a 1/2" seam allowance, stopping when you're only 1/2" away from the edge on both sides.
Fold the binding down at a 45 degree angle, and then, while holding that fold, fold the binding up to align with the side edge and pin in place, as shown in the picture. Do this on each side.


Step 7: Mitering cont'd.
With a 1/2" seam allowance, sew along the two short sides that you just pinned from bottom edge to top edge. Trim any excess bias tape sticking out (black) at the top.


You can try the pocket on your iPad now, it you want. It gets you all excited!


Step 8: Mitering cont'd.
Fold your sewn-on binding underneath to the other side of the pocket and pin in place. Sew the binding in place around the outside and inside edge of the binding. Sew over the mitered corners.


Step 9: Straps
If you're not using Velcro, hem the ends of the straps, and fold them the same way that the binding is sewn onto the pocket. Then sew the straps and tie them around your headrest.
If you are using Velcro, measure 9 inches along the straps away from the pocket and cut the excess. Hem the ends of the straps and fold them the same way that the binding is sewn onto the pocket. Sew the straps around the edges, then attach the Velcro (just sew it on!), one to either strap.



It's great for adults, too! Trust me. I tried it.
Happy sewing!

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