November 20, 2013
After having a Facebook account for six years, I have discovered that there are three types of people in the world.

1) Those who will NOT do anything Christmas-y until after Christmas and consider it a crime if you do.
2) Those who are SO excited for Christmas that they can't wait to put up the tree and sing The Chipmunks, "Christmas Time is coming Soon!"
3) Those who love Christmas but give Thanksgiving due respect by celebrating it first.

Type one individuals are religious Thanksgiving-ans who can often come off as judgmental and angry, writing posts such as, "Saw a Santa Clause at the store today. Really? Thanksgiving comes BEFORE Christmas, people!" Although passionate, this reaction should be viewed as more of a lamentation for the brief period of time they have to write down what they're thankful for every day, whether that be their family, their cat, or dishwashers.

Type two individuals throw the unspoken rules of holiday conduct into the faces of type three, deciding that Christmas can, in fact, be celebrated for two months before Christmas, even if that means sharing it with Thanksgiving. These individuals are commonly mistaken for caring more about gifts than being thankful, when in reality, they are every bit as excited for Thanksgiving as they are for Christmas. They just don't have as many house decorations for Turkey-Day, and they are thankful for gifts!

Type three individuals are silently and non-invasive with their holiday conduct. Some choose to write one thing they are thankful for every day by simply stating it without pronouncing opinion on the choices of others, and some simply don't write at all. The reality behind these individuals is that they really don't care whether you choose to celebrate Christmas early by singing Chipmunk songs and putting up your Christmas tree, or not. They decide to celebrate the holidays in their own way and tradition, whether it be by writing what they are thankful for every day, or humming along with The Carpenter's Christmas music in the store.

My point is, I have been a silent type three. I haven't been posting something I'm thankful for every day, but I do think about it. And here's the funny thing... I'm thankful for type ones and type twos!
Type ones remind me that the month before Thanksgiving is a special time to humble ourselves and remember everything that we have that is good and special in our lives. When I read their posts, I'm reminded of the every-day items that make my life better and my heart fills with gratitude and humility because of what I have.
Type twos remind me that Christmas is also coming soon, and that it is a holiday to prepare for and to celebrate. Before the Savior was born, the world was prepared for years and years for His birth. He was born at exactly the right time and place, and everything that happened before then happened for a reason so that He could come in the way He did. So why not prepare now? If you are set in tradition and don't want to decorate before Thanksgiving, prepare your heart. I think Thanksgiving is the holiday right before Christmas for a reason. It helps us to become "meek and lowly in heart" (Matt. 11:29) just as the Savior is.

I am thankful for this holiday season. I love to feel the spirit of joy and Thanksgiving as the people I know and love remind me how good this life is, whether they are strongly committed to celebrating Thanksgiving at Thanksgiving-time, or sharing it with Christmas. I am grateful for all the different individuals in this world who make life interesting and contribute their talents and opinions to make the world better.

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