Doula Chats: Unmedicated Birth Mindset

May 17, 2022

An unmedicated birth happens one wave at a time. When each comes, you have a choice: believe that you can, or believe that you can't.

Doula Chats: How Fathers can Prepare

May 13, 2022


One of the things that I always stress with my clients is that I do not replace fathers. In fact, I have often heard of mothers hiring doulas specifically for the role they play in supporting fathers. So often they want to help, but they may not know where to start.

Here are some suggestions!

Doula Chats: Midwife or OBGYN?

May 3, 2022

Throughout all of history, Midwives have served women as they have entered motherhood, but within the last century or so, Obstetric Gynecologists (OBGYN) have become a normal part of birth. Though they both operate as medical caretakers for women, their method of care is very different.

Doula Chats: Fetal Monitoring

April 25, 2022

What is fetal monitoring? What valuable information do we gain from fetal monitoring, and what are the risks and benefits? What are my options with fetal monitoring?

Fetal monitoring is when providers use tools to measure the baby’s heart rate and/or the intensity of your contractions. How often this monitoring is done and how it is measured depends on your preferences, the policies of your birthing location, and the preferences of your provider.

Mommy + Me Minis 2022

March 15, 2022
I love being a mom. I love that I get to develop loving and intimate relationships with these little people who I admire just as much as they admire me - if not more. It's these looks of adoration that I love to have photographed.

The One Where I Almost Caught a Baby

November 19, 2021

You read that right... I almost caught someone's baby. And I am not a midwife. Let me tell you about it.

The Home Water Birth Story of Taylor

August 17, 2021

I arrived at Nichole’s house at 8:45 PM. Andrew and I were at a game night with some friends when Nichole texted me, and while I was disappointed I wasn’t able to stay, I knew Nichole needed me, and I was excited to be there.

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