January 6, 2015

2015 Word of the Year

Maybe I’m just not “with the times,” but I’ve never heard of this word of the year thing before! Sometimes I have a hard time remembering the resolutions I make for the year because they’re either specific, lengthy, or not really day-to-day goals. What I love about this word of the year thing is that it’s one, general, overall resolution that encompasses many goals. At least in my case.

My major goal this year (and throughout my life, probably) is to have just a little more patience, particularly with my two-year-old.

Here’s my word of the year.


Chelsea may, or may not have done all of the things listed above.

Sometimes I think I forget how little my Chelsea really is. I forget that all of this “common sense” stuff isn’t common to her yet. I forget that she’s only had hands for two years and, although she is uncommonly coordinated, she’s still going to drop her cup or knock it over. Accidents happen when you’re still learning about your body and its signals. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t sneaked a cookie or two in their lifetime… Or ten?

Tonight before I put my energetic toddler to bed, I had a moment when I looked at her and remembered that just two years ago, she was a baby. There wasn’t so much pressure on her to eat put on her pants, clean up her toys, and lean her head over her bowl to eat. I don’t want to pressure her so much anymore. I don’t want to take her childhood away from her. I remember plenty of accidents and mistakes made when I was young, and they’re some of the best memories I have.

This year, my word is toddler-ance. This year, I’m fighting to save my daughter’s childhood. Sure, I’ll still teach her to ask for help when she needs it, to clean up her messes, and to be kind, but what I want her to learn most is that it is O-K to make mistakes. It’s okay if you smash my toes. Again. It hurts, but I still love you. It’s okay to have fun. It’s okay to be a child, and it’s wonderful that you are you!


child silhouettes courtesy of all things bright and beautiful

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  1. I second what The Girl Who Loved to Write says. Love this! Too funny. :)

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark


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