November 18, 2013


Honestly, I don't know how my parents made it with our family. Paying for 12 children's doctor visits, dentist appointments, orthodontics, eye appointments, extracurricular activities (piano, softball, gymnastics, soccer, football, voice lessons, dance lessons, etc. etc.), not to mention all of the emotional drama that comes from being surrounded by teenagers, pre-teens, toddlers AND babies! I have come to the conclusion that my parents must be super-heroes.

Luckily, we didn't all participate in the same things, and some of us didn't have the same problems that the others had. For instance, a few of us never had to get braces (wish I had been one of the few), and some of us never had eye problems. I have always had really great vision, but some of my siblings have not.

Look at all those perfect, expensive smiles!
(three brothers not pictured here, but they have perfect, expensive smiles, too)

In college, I took a Special Education class to learn about the special needs laws connected with teaching. As a part of the course, we were required to try a couple of different things to show us how it feels for those with special needs. We were required to spend four hours in a wheel chair (four hours? imagine your entire life), speak to someone with a speech impediment, like stuttering while asking them for help with something, and spend three hours with three different vision impairments. The wheel chair was pretty rough, especially with the perpetual hill in Rexburg, but everyone is SO nice to you in Rexburg and I received a lot of help (HOORAY HUMANITY!). The speech impediment was frustrating as heck because I knew what I was trying to say, it was there, ready to go in my head, but just took a long time to come out. The vision impairments? Impossible! I had to wear them during class and I could hardly see what I was writing, let alone what was written on the board! I'll tell you what, I've never appreciated good vision like I did the moment I took that dumb mask off.

When on of my nieces was very young, there would be moments when she would look at you and slowly one of her eyes would "fall" cross-eyed. We would all remind her to "look straight." Obviously, something was wrong, so my sister took her to the eye doctor who explained that one of her daughter's eyes didn't work as well as the other, so to compensate for the lack, one eye worked harder than the other and caused the cross-eye-ing. The doctor gave my sister a prescription for some eyeglasses and she let her daughter pick out a pair of her very own eyeglasses. Kimberlee described to me that what happened next was a tearful experience.

When Holly put those glasses on for the first time, she jumped in adulation and began dancing around in circles! She could see!

Imagine the life that the world suddenly had for her! She could clearly see the colors and shapes of objects that were so blurred to her before! She could even see the color and shape of her mother's lips, eyes, nose, and hair. Her mother was what she always knew her to be, but never saw. Beautiful.

That's why I want to tell you about Warby Parker. Warby Parker is a designer frames and online eyeglasses store that not only sells fashionable eyewear, but for every pair of glasses sold, a free, second pair is distributed to another in need, and with their new winter line out, there are so many stylish options! Here are some of my favorites:



I may not struggle with poor vision, but I can appreciate the difference it makes in someone's life. We depend on vision so much in this world. It can mean the difference between doing well in school, and failing classes. Do someone a favor. If you're in need of a good, new pair of glasses, buy some for someone else by purchasing from Warby Parker. You won't regret the style, and you'll never regret helping someone else.

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  1. I love my Warby Parkers. I plan on getting a new pair of glasses from them every year. You cannot beat the cost... $95 for most pairs and that covers frames and lenses. Amazing. Before I knew about WB I paid close to $400 for my prescription glasses. And their customer service is unbeatable. I've called many times and the representatives are always super friendly. They are just the best- hands down. :]

    1. I'm so glad the get an insider's opinion! I was so touched that they gave away one free pair of glasses and I loved the look, but it's so nice to hear someone's first-hand experience! And your glasses look SUPER cute on you!

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