August 9, 2013


TA DA! My very first linkup and I think you're going to like this one because it is all about food! Breakfast food, lunch food, dinner food, snack food, dessert food... whatever. I announced this linkup last week by introducing the Chocolate Italian Love Cake (YUM!), and if you didn't see it, you should. It's uh-may-zing.
Today, I want to start off by taking you to my favorite cooking and baking duo over at Our Best Bites. Have you ever heard of Sara and Kate? They are fantastic! My mom bought me their recipe book (you can find it here on amazon) and I haven't tried one thing that I haven't liked. Plus, they give you all the tips that most recipes leave out.
So here's their Brazilian Lemonade recipe. Next to Orange Juice Julius', Brazilian Lemonade is my favorite summer-time drink.
Now it's your turn! What's one of your summer-time favorites? It can be a drink, snack, meal, whatever, just be sure to share the recipe.
Next, click on the link below to enter (it says "Click here to enter"), fill out the information, making sure that the website you link to is the actual website of the recipe, not just your blog.
Then, grab the favorite foods linkup button and paste it to the bottom of your post.


  • You must link the actual website of the recipe, not just your blog.
  • You must paste the favorite foods button somewhere within the recipe post.
  • You must share the recipe in the post that you link to, not just pictures of the outcome, because that's just mean!

You have all week to linkup, and remember! I'll be checking in on these posts and saving them to create a Blogger's Favorite Foods Recipe Book to share, so the more we get linking up, the better.
So let's get linking! Make new friends and share your favorites. Happy kitchening!


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  1. Yum...limes! :D I'm linking up with a lime-y recipe of my own. Keeping the theme and all that jazz!

  2. hey I would love to join this link up next time? when is the next one? also just a heads up, you have your account set to no reply, so if you leave a comment on someone's blog they can't email you back. it's a really easy setting to change and makes communication so much easier. thanks for the invite, I'll def be here for the next link up


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